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The Power Behind the Cold

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Modular Cold Room

Modular Cold Rooms

Easy installation with modular cold rooms and monoblock devices

Container Cold Rooms

Manufacture and sale of wall, ceiling, floor insulation and cooling devices and ready system container cold storages​

Container Cold Room
U Accessories

Accessories and Assembly

All the complementary equipment required for the installation of your cold rooms


Manufacture and sale of wall and ceiling type cooling devices​

Standart Type Cooler

Industrial Refrigeration Systems Panels, Doors, Refrigeration Devices and Ice Machines Producte is under one roof with us!  


Pioneer in Industrial Design

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Locked System Sandwich Panel

Cold Room Panels

Manufacturing and Sales of Industrial Cold Storage Wall, Ceiling and Floor Panels

Cold Room Doors

Manufacturing and Sales of Industrial Cold Storage Sliding, Hinged, Monorail and Flip-Flap Doors

Hinged Cold Room Door
Industrial Cooling Device

Cooling Devices

Industrial Cold Storages Split Type Hermetic, Semi-Hermetic and Double Stage Shock Devices Manufacturing and Sales​

Cold Room Systems

Easy Installation Possibility with Modular Type Cold Rooms and Monoblock Cooling Devices

Cold Room System
Industrial Cooler


Industrial Cold Storage Ceiling Type and Standard Type Cooling Systems Manufacturing and Sales

Container Cold Rooms

Manufacturing and Sales of Wall, Ceiling, Floor Insulation and Cooling Devices and Ready System Container Cold Storages

Container Cold Room
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Our Mega Building Design and Manufacturing Efficiency is at High Levels with Knowledge, Experience and Effective Engineering


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