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Weight Calculator of Sandwich Panels

cold room panel weight


Do you know what you are buying? Of course, weight alone is not a basic variable, but if we assume that the basic components of cold storage panel materials today are galvanized painted sheets and polyurethane filled sandwich panels; understand what you are buying and the cost of the goods you buy; It helps you understand the nature of the offers you have received.

Know What You're Buying!

You can calculate all these variables yourself with the “Tunelgroup – Panel Weight Calculation” table furnished with the following mathematical formulas. Trust the math! But what about the offers you’ve received? Here it is up to the buyer to make sure you are dealing with an honest and knowledgable seller. Today, many brokerage firms introduce themselves as factories and claim to sell high quality products at low prices. The values given represent the weight of perhaps the highest quality materials. But scales and math make no mistakes.

Calculation of The Painted Galvanized Iron Sheets (P.P.G.I.)

The labels of all coils offered by manufacturers today are measured according to the “finished sheet thickness in the horizontal plane”. Therefore, you should be sure that the sheet thicknesses in the market have a tolerance margin of minus 5-10% of the specified sheet thicknesses. However, with the weights and thicknesses of zinc gr/m2 coatings and paint gr/m2 coatings made on these raw sheet thicknesses, the sheet can reach the label value. For example, the only metal thickness of a sheet with a 0.50mm label value may start from 0.45. While this may occur as a thickening of the metal with the thinning of the sheet, it can occur with the thinning of the metal with the thickening of the sheet or completely with the sensitive and different adjustments of the manufacturers.

Calculation of The Polyurethane Fills

The most important material in the panels is polyurethane fillings. Because while the essential element of the sheets is to ensure that the products stand upright or vertically for a long time and in a solid way, the presence of Polyurethane means the existence of insulation. Although the changes in kg/m3 in the PUR filling compared to the changes in the sheet thickness seem to be another option in terms of reducing costs at the beginning, it means reducing the insulation, which is the main function of the cold storage. The value declared by the manufacturers for the standards in PUR filling is specified as 40 (±2kg/m3). However, it is doubtful whether this data is entered over 40, 38 or 42 in the injection machine. Perhaps there is no apparent explanation or way of knowing if there are less than these values. Except for math and scales!

Isolate yourself from fake manufacturers and vendors who don’t know what they do or what they offer, or who present themselves as factories. Just like the cold store isolates the heat from inside!

Sandwich Panel Weight Calculator

The above data are based on the sheet metal used by the manufacturers in their offers. The weights of the sheets are calculated according to the finished sheet thicknesses. Values according to metal sheet thickness may differ.


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