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Our professional team of 55 people has more than fifteen years of experience in design consultancy, supply, installation and maintenance of cold storage systems, freezers and cold rooms.

Our aim is to increase the thermal insulation of Sandwich Panels, which are carefully prepared and manufactured by subjecting them to laboratory tests, without compromising on quality, with our dynamic young and experienced team. Thanks to R&D, we produce Cold Storage Systems suitable for density and strength.

In order for the insulation to be applied correctly, the insulation density of the sandwich panels must be 42 density. Panels that do not reach this density consume more energy, creating an inefficient environment. We guarantee the correct use of energy to our valued customers.

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Welcome to Tunelgroup

As Tunelgroup, we carry out a devoted work for you, in order to ensure customer satisfaction at the highest level and to keep our  brand valuable by working effectively in the domestic market. As a result of these background studies, we made an important decision.  We have decided that the best service to the last user in TURKISH Market  can be delivered to 100% COOLING Dealer Firms with higher quality.

Our company provide service in 3 continents more than 40 countries in the world, is now ready to work with you!


Industrial Cold Storage Wall, Ceiling and Floor Panels

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Corrugated or flat wall and ceiling panels for high-level thermal instulation on the walss and ceilings of cold rooms

Plywood or chrome floor panels for floor insulation you need for your cold rooms



Industrial Cold Storage Sliding, Hinged, Monorail, and Flip-Flap Doors

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Space saving and quality together with aluminum rail systems.

In all rooms where you need insulation as panel mounted or with PVC boxes


Getting through a door has never been easier

You won't forget your door is open, let it close itself

Double Wing Bar Door


Industrial Cold Storage Split Type Hermetic, Split Type Semi-Hermetic and Double Stage Shock Devices

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Both economical and high efficiency together with hermetic compressors.

The heart of cooling in your medium and large-sized rooms with Semi-Hermetic compressors.

Split Tipi Semi Hermetik1.webp

Both economical and high efficiency together with scroll compressors.

With Double Stage Shock devices, your products can be at the desired degree whenever you want.

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Industrial Cold Storage Modular Rooms and Corner Accessories

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Easy installation with modular cold rooms and monoblock devices

All the complementary equipment required for the installation of your cold rooms

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Industrial 40ft, 20ft, 10ft Container Cold Storages

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10ft Container Cold Room

10 DC shipping container cold rooms continuation of the product containment chain for your small shipping business

20 DC shipping container cold rooms the continuation of the product containment chain for your medium-size transport business

20ft Container Cold Room
40ft Container Cold Room

40 HC shipping container cold rooms are the continuation of the product storage chain in your large-scale transportation works

Industrial Cooling Systems Panels, Doors, Cooling Devices and Ice Machines Production Under One Roof!  


Pioneer in Industrial Design

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Tunelgroup Industrial Cooling Systems; It manufactures and sells Industrial Cooling Systems Panels, Doors and Cooling Devices. With its high engineering principles and quality perception, it provides its customers with efficiency-based, respectable and sustainable services. Our company; It offers professional solution partnership in your investments with engineering services from planning to design, from projecting process to investment, from development to turnkey completion, and with our own production steel structure systems.  

Get your best Industrial Cold Room Systems experience with us

Tunelgroup completes a lot of large and small-scale projects every year with the Practical, Economic, Quality and Progressive applications of Turkish Engineering in industrial investments in different geographies of the world.  Contact us to work with us in your investments and witness this power

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Soğuk Oda Sürgülü Kapılar

The Best for Your Business with the Latest Technology Production Process Tunelgroup Cooling Systems


Pioneer in Industrial Design

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Tunelgroup reached a capacity of 275,000 m2/year in the annual panel and 2750 units/year in the door in its new factory 

Tunelgroup Industrial Cooling Systems, with its new investment in Sivas, has reached a capacity of 275,000 m2/year in the panel and 2750 units/year in the door, with the automation production line it has established today. Its activities in the sector continue to draw attention with its high quality standards, progressive engineering approach, quality-reliable products.

Tunelgroup industrial cooling systems are at the service of the world in more than 40 countries in 3 continents.

Tunelgroup Industrial Cooling Systems started its business in Sivas in 2022 and exported to 42 countries by opening its operations abroad in all provinces of Turkey. Some of these countries are; Germany, France, America, United Kingdom, Sweden, Switzerland, Senegal, Malta, Nigeria, Ghana, New Guinea, Azerbaijan, Georgia and so on.

Soğuk Oda Kapıları
Soğuk Oda Sürgülü Kapılar

Tunelgroup is always with its customers in design and production.

At the center of Tunelgroup's design and production processes are always the needs and demands of its customers. These demands are transformed into trouble-free products by blending Tunelgroup's experience from its successful past and

ar-ge processes. The only purpose of the products produced by using equipment that has proven itself and never compromises on quality; customers satisfaction and confidence in using these products.

Tunelgroup, which set out for this purpose, has put its signature on the industrial and market cooling sector in Turkey and is working hard to announce this success all over the world.

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Our Mega Building Design and Manufacturing Efficiency is at High Levels with Knowledge, Experience and Effective Engineering


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