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Cold Room Floor Isolation

Cold Room Floor Isolation


Cold room floor isolation is an essential aspect of creating a temperature-controlled environment. Proper floor insulation helps maintain the desired low temperature inside the cold room and prevents heat transfer from the ground below. Common materials used for floor insulation include sandwich panel of polyurethane foam, expanded polystyrene, or extruded polystyrene. The chosen material should have low thermal conductivity to effectively minimize heat exchange. Additionally, ensuring proper installation and sealing is crucial to achieving optimal insulation performance..

Cold Storage Floors

1. Floor Panels: Using cold room floor sandwich panel is the easiest and most isolated way for having and insulation on the ground because of its thickness and density level of polyurethane foam but due to weight capacity it’s not preffered in the larger rooms and rooms which needed to use vehicles such as forklift.  

2. XPS Polystrene Foam Boards: Floor isolations are always important if the subject is cooling. Imagine yourself in a non isolated floor. Moms around would say take your slippers! It’s because of you might have cold air from the ground. So when it’s different than ambient degrees you may face with air exchange. Let’s consider for cooling… cooling can be in different degrees such as (+10, -5, -18, -25, -40) … doesn’t matter all the same. if you don’t have isolation in floor.. the cooling tries to spread whole around of the ground… means much more electrical consumptions and lower cooling capacity than possible goals… so what’s next!

Floor should have isolation. Types: XPS or FLOOR PANELS

Floor panels has much more density than XPS’ as always but if exist vehicle… We can’t use floor panels

For positive rooms (5cm or 4+4cm XPS)For negative rooms (4+4+4 /5+5+5cm XPS)For shocking rooms (5x5XPS)

And when using XPS in larger areas steel wired meshes has a role too..These are the subjects of installation but need to consider too.


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